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Pre-Nuptial Agreements


A Pre-nuptial agreement is between you and your future spouse.  In it you can provide for the availability or distribution of your assets between you and your future spouse, and provisions for your children, in the event that the marriage ends prematurely.

This is a difficult thing to consider, and a difficult thing to speak about with someone you intend to marry.  Not everyone needs a prenuptial agreement, but every couple will benefit from one.  Prenuptial agreements are like most other contracts.  It does not exist to govern the relationship when it is going well, it exists to govern disputes if the relationship becomes unsalvageable.  In its most simple form, a prenuptial agreement is a commitment by two people who care for each other agreeing now, before any dispute occurs, how they will treat each other if they cannot reconcile. 

You may want to protect premarital assets like an inheritance, property or accounts that predate your relationship.  So may your spouse. If you would like to discuss a prenuptial agreement, schedule an initial consult today, or call us today to speak to an attorney.  

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