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Public Employers

Our office works with both public entities and employees in compliance, claims and defenses associated with public employment.  Under the Taylor law, many New York state and local government employees are entitled to the protections and benefits of a Union.  

Our office handles many of the compliance and litigation issues associated with the Taylor Law and Collective Bargaining Agreements.  We represent both public employers and employees with regard to these issues.  

Our attorneys have represented schools, villages, cities, towns, counties, special districts, fire departments, police departments, Schools, Charter Schools, and most other municipal and government entities with regard to employment.  This includes handling compliance at employee unionization efforts, negotiating collective bargaining agreements on behalf of public employers, conducting investigations of employee conduct, placing employees on administrative leave, pre-disciplinary suspension, prosecuting cases of employee discipline within the context of contractual disciplinary procedures, Section 75 Hearings & 3020-a charges, and all other areas of Taylor Law compliance.  We also counsel and advise clients on compliance with regard to employee policies and trainings, including matters such as harassment, discrimination & retaliation, workplace violence, whistle-blowers compliance, nepotism policies, employee privacy, and many other areas of compliance.  We have defended against claims before PERB, the NYC Commission on Human Rights, the New York State Division of Human Rights, the EEOC, the Department of Labor, OSHA and PESH.  We have also defended public and private employers alike in State and Federal Court against all types of labor and employment related claims.  We also advise public entities in all manners of municipal compliance, including  FOIL, PPPL and  OML compliance.  We handle each and every case with an understanding of the public disclosure requirements your office has.  

We are experienced, tenacious, effective, and ready to assist with any legal need that any public employer has.  If you would like to learn about our public employment practice, call us today. 

“There is no greater 
challenge and there is no greater honor than to be in public service.”
- Condoleezza Rice

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