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Attorney Livolsi is an experienced attorney, counselor and litigator. He has appeared in trial level and appellate courts throughout New York State, NY Federal Courts, and the New York City court system.  


Attorney Livolsi has handled complex cases for large, multi-national companies, as well as worked with individuals on personal matters.


No matter the size or complexity of your case, we know it is important to you, and we treat it as we do each of our cases, like its the most important one we have.   


Having navigated negotiations and disputes effecting amounts worth a few hundred to several million dollars, we know how to effectively and efficiently move your deal toward closure, your contract toward execution, and your case toward resolution.

We know how to handle each case to stay within your budget, without sacrificing quality or outcome.  



We will give you our best assessment of your case, and provide a detailed description of the steps we think should be taken, in a way that you can understand.  


We are accessible and responsive.  We know that understanding your case, its risks, and the steps we need to take will bring you peace of mind, and your peace of mind is our goal.


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