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Workplace Discrimination is illegal.

New York employers cannot discriminate against or harass an employee based on membership in a protected class or for engaging in a protected activity


Have you been discriminated against or harassed?

If you've been treated poorly because of your membership protected class, or for engaging in a protected activity, then contact us today. 


We'll fight for you.

We work tirelessly to enforce your rights and recover what you're entitled to.  Our attorneys have experience representing plaintiffs and defending employers in employment claims.  We are committed to bringing our experience on both sides of the aisle to NY workers who have suffered discrimination, harassment or retaliation in the workplace. 


We are experienced attorneys, counselors and litigators who have represented plaintiffs and defended employers in employment claims. Our team  has appeared in trial level and appellate courts throughout New York State, NY Federal Courts, and the New York City court system. 

We start by giving you our best assessment of your case, and provide a detailed description of the steps we think should be taken to deliver the results you deserve.  Throughout your case, we remain accessible and responsive so that you understand the way forward.


Your satisfaction with our work is our primary concern.  We strive every to get you the best results possible because your satisfaction with our service is the benchmark of our success. No matter the size or complexity of your case, we know it is important to you, and we treat it like it's the most important one we have.


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