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Vehicle & Traffic Tickets

New York State has volumes of vehicle and traffic laws, many of which can result in a traffic ticket if disobeyed (see here).

Most tickets outside of New York City can be subject to reduction by plea agreement.  If a plea agreement cannot be reached, a trial would be held.  Some of the most common tickets in New York are speeding tickets.  If you've received a speeding ticket of up to 31 mph over the limit, the potential penalties are as follows:

  • For a ticket for over 10 mph over the limit, a fine of $150. 

  • For over 30 mph over the limit, $300. 

  • For over 31 mph, up to a $600 fine.  


In add to a fine, tickets can affect the cost of car insurance, making it painfully expensive or difficult to obtain.  New York may, in addition to a fine, charge you an expensive drivers assessment fee.  You may also risk suspension of your license, surcharges, and may jeopardize your employment if your license is required to be free of infractions.  

Furthermore, receiving 11 points on your license during an 18th month period, or receiving three tickets during that time, can lead to a suspension or revocation of your license.  

Hiring an attorney will save you the time of defending yourself, can often result in lower and less severe fines or penalties, and can save you from increased insurance costs.  

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