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Real Estate

Real Estate Litigation

The Law Office of Michael J. Livolsi, Esq., is proud of its reputation as a tenacious, aggressive, and results focused litigation office.  We also know that, in matters of real estate, litigation is often not the end of the relationship between the parties - especially in commercial transactions.  When prudent, we strive to preserve professional and business relationships between parties, while aggressively seeking the results our clients need. 

We represent clients throughout New York City and the Hudson Valley in state & federal courts as well administrative forums in all areas of law touching and concerning real estate.  We represent clients before administrative departments such as the state and city human rights divisions, the EEOC, building department enforcement, code enforcement, condemnation and constitutional matters as well as nuisance proceedings and ADA matters.   We litigate contract disputes, quiet title actions, zoning, planning and environmental matters, Article 78 proceedings, personal injury matters and gravity related claims, lease and brokerage disputes, condemnation and constitutional matters, co-op disputes, evictions, and condo matters.  We handle construction litigation, bond disputes, as well as disputes involving public works contracts.  We also litigate disputes between buyers and sellers in the purchase and sale of a home.  

For more information about  real estate litigation practice of the Law Office of Michael J. Livolsi, Esq., schedule an initial consult today to speak with an attorney.  You can also call our offices today to speak to an attorney. 

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