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Our office handles probate proceedings in their entirety, from start to finish. We prepare all of the paperwork, affidavits, and related documents, and file them for you.  We take you through the entire process, up to the closing of the estate. 


If you create a will in New York, it must go through probate, which is a legal process by which your estate is distributed to the beneficiaries you identify in your will and creditors are paid. The court in which this occurs is called the Surrogates Court.  During the typical probate proceeding, you must prepare a petition, obtain letters testamentary, have the executor appointed, settle any outstanding debts and accounts, prepare estate tax returns, take any actions necessary to distribute the assets, and take the necessary steps to close the estate.  During the course of this process certain items such as real estate or intangible items such as stock certificates require additional paperwork and compliance.  Individuals who would have inherited had there been no will, or current of former beneficiaries of the will, may take an opportunity to challenge it’s authenticity or validity, or beneficiaries may demand an accounting. 

We work with executors and beneficiaries to make this process understandable and easy to navigate, and we represent both executors and beneficiaries in Surrogates Court.  If you would like more information about our estate probate practice, schedule an initial consult with us or call us today to speak with attorney.  

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