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Criminal Defense

If you have been accused of a crime, the most important decision you have to make is to hire an attorney.  The longer you delay hiring an attorney, the more urgent your need for representation may become.  If you are arrested or questioned by an officer or investigator, they will be waiting and searching for every opportunity to weaken your defense and improve the strength of their case.    Whether you are charged with a serious crime such as a felony, a misdemeanor, or a minor violation, we are ready to defend you against the charges.    

The consequences of facing charges can be severe.  If you are accused of a felony or a misdemeanor, you may face a sentence of year or more in jail, onerous fines, probation, hours of community service, suspension of your license, mandated rehabilitation and trouble finding a job - especially if your license is affected.

The sooner you hire an attorney, the more affective they can be at reducing or avoiding some of those penalties.  If you are facing any charges, contact us immediately so that we can protect your reputation, your employment, your finances and your freedom to the fullest extent possible.

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Our Services Include:
  • Felony, misdemeanor and violation defense. 

  • Traffic infractions


  • Drug Crimes

  • Sex Crimes

  • Fraud

  • Criminal Appeals

  • Assault

  • Crimes involve the use of a vehicle

  • Theft/Robbery

  • Forgery

  • Larceny and Grand Larceny

  • Conspiracy

  • Identity Theft

  • Arson

  • Weapons Crimes

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